How DNA Works

The Digital News Agency (DNA) is a digital news distribution service targeting over 20,000 broadcasters, journalists, web editors and bloggers with multimedia content for stories and campaigns.

DNA provides content in multiple formats to allow organisations to target all media. These formats include:

Uniquely positioned for the digital step-change in news dissemination, DNA provides the global platform for companies and organisations to reach key audiences and maximize ROI. Please contact us at or call on 020 7380 8000 to discuss your specific requirements.

The Digital News Agency (DNA) is the UK's leading distributor of broadcast and online content. Following registration, all content is free to download for use on TV, radio, online and other digital purposes without copyright restrictions.

This footage is copyright of DNA. You are granted a licence to use, edit and broadcast any content made available by DNA without copyright restrictions. DNA reserves the right to copy and use extracts from any programme, website or digital outlet in which DNA content is used for our own or for our clients' press or PR services and for archival purposes within DNA only.

For further information or if you have any questions please Contact Us

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