Green Light For Better Bus Driving

17 Aug

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Installation of Revolutionary GPS Technology to First’s Buses in Aberdeen



FIRST in Aberdeen has successfully completed the installation of groundbreaking new technology across its fleet of 180 buses that will provide a smoother ride for passengers and reduce the carbon footprint of its buses.

The move follows a successful trial of ‘DriveGreen’ on 1,000 First buses in London, Bradford and Glasgow. Buses involved in the trial were fitted with the latest GPS technology that can detect dozens of driving movements per minute and immediately lets the driver know how well they are driving.

The equipment picks up on acceleration and braking patterns as well as corner, lane and speed handling. A ‘traffic light’ LED monitor on vehicle dashboards flashes green if the driver is driving correctly, or amber or red if a bus driver carries out an unwanted driving manoeuvre such as heavy braking or unnecessary acceleration.

The driver can then make immediate changes to their driving to ensure buses travel more efficiently to produce fewer CO2 emissions as well as travelling more smoothly to improve the journey experience for passengers. For the passenger this means:

• Green - the journey is smooth enough to read a newspaper
• Amber - the passenger has to look up from their newspaper
• Red - the passenger has to hold a handrail to steady themselves

Full Press Release available to download below

For further information, please contact Niall Dowds, FirstGroup PR Manager
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