Bill Bailey and Children's Secretary Ed Balls Launch New Government Alcohol Awareness Campaign

14 Jan

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Adverts & Exclusive Films and Behind-the-Scenes footage featuring Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Russell Kane and Josie Long


THURSDAY 14TH JANUARY 2010: Comedy legend Bill Bailey today launches a new campaign alongside Children’s Secretary, Ed Balls, encouraging parents and guardians to talk to their children about alcohol.

As part of the launch of a major communications campaign - Why Let Drink Decide?, Bill has enlisted support of fellow comedians Jo Brand, Josie Long and Russell Kane who present laugh out loud funny stand-up sets about drinking anecdotes. As the stand up draws to a close, the comedians deliver a shocking punch-line to highlight some of the real life consequences that can arise when young people drink alcohol.

The aim of the films is to highlight how alcohol can make young people vulnerable. Whilst parents worry about unprotected sex, drugs and crime, drinking alcohol is often not top of the list. However, alcohol can leave young people in situations that expose them to things parents worry most about. Talking to children about the risks and dangers of alcohol before they start to experiment with it, can help them make responsible decisions about drinking.

Both parents themselves, Bill and Children’s Secretary Ed Balls will be launching a major new campaign encouraging parents to talk to their children about the risks of drinking to help them grow up with a safe and sensible relationship with alcohol.

Viewers on can click to watch the online films and engage in the growing conversation about how parents can approach the subject of alcohol with their children.

Why Let Drink Decide? Adverts will be aired on Friday 15th January.

To embed the video from YouTube click here.

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