Red Carpet Style Secrets Made Easy

26 Jan

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Top styling tips from leading celebrity make up artist Lina Cameron

We’ve all envied the flawless faces and perfect outfits of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Cheryl Cole and Megan Fox, from photos in the glossy mags at premieres and parties. But how much of their success could actually be attributed to their stylists, make-up artists, and even their dentists?

While we may not all strive to reach celebrity status, new research by Invisalign reveals that 60% of Brits do believe that enhancing their looks will help them gain a competitive edge to bag a job or even a date. A further 13% admit that by making enhancements to their looks, they feel more in control of their lives. Many of us also admit to being self conscious about their smile – with 10% having opted to get their teeth straightened or whitened to improve their overall appearance.

Leading celebrity make up artist Lina Cameron has worked with Hollywood stars such as Scarlett Johansson, to British beauty Sienna Miller: here are some hints and tips from Lina to help make the most of your makeup and get that confident edge:

Highlighters are a must – if used correctly they will always empower the face.
Never underestimate the value of mascara – make sure you use a waterproof mascara to help add maximum volume, and always curl your lashes.
To help enhance your smile, it doesn’t matter which colour lip gloss you use - but always apply it with a lip brush, as this will help the gloss stay in the lips longer.
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