Look Magazine 'Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Supermodel?'

24 Jan

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Over 60,000 Women Across The UK Have Agreed They Would Rather Have Beyonce's Curves Than Victoria Beckham' Size Zero


The survey conducted by Look magazine found that 76% of their readers want to see real women in fashion magazines, with 93% agreeing that women of all sizes can be stylish. With the success of Mad Men bringing the full-figured Christine Hendricks to the forefront of fashion titles all over the world, 75% of women now want to see curvy girls in every issue. 80% of the women surveyed agree that plus size models are under-represented and 83% think it’s important that they see people like themselves in magazines. Look magazine is leading the way in making the fashion industry more representative of the more realistic and healthy figure, paving the way for the extinction of size zero.

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