The Peninsula Paris Unveils Exclusive Behind-the-scenes Artists’ Footage & Interviews

12 Jan

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The Peninsula Paris Releases A Second Mini-Documentary Focusing On The Hotel's Collection Of Commissioned Art Pieces


January 28th 2015:
  Internationally celebrated artists including Xavier Corberó, Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu feature in an exclusive behind-the-scenes mini-documentary, revealing their creative processes and conceptual designs which form part of The Peninsula Paris’ stunning in-house art collection.

Permanently installed in the hotel, the unique collection of specially curated contemporary artworks has established residence in the beautiful surroundings of The Peninsula Paris, located on Avenue Kléber. 

Gracing the entrance of The Peninsula Paris is “Dancing Leaves” - a bespoke, hand-blown installation by Lasvit, featuring a cascade of crystal “leaves” - a modern interpretation of the plane trees lining Avenue Kléber.

One of the most important pieces in the collection is “Moon River” – a prominent sculpture located in the Portugais Gallery. Created by Xavier Corberó, the artwork features a tower of 12 boulders, supporting a large thin marble disc. Based on nature, the piece was designed to complement the Lobby’s soft natural mineral tones and rock accents.

“The World Belongs to Me”, a sculpture by British artists Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu of a concave mirror surrounded by a rainbow, is displayed inside the courtyard below a model of the L’Oiseau Blanc bi-plane. The 800 kg stainless steel dome with a circular rainbow frame acts like a convex mirror, designed to reflect the entire courtyard of The Peninsula Paris, providing a unique vantage point that allows guests a complete view of their surroundings, all in one stunning reflection.

List of artwork:

•    Xavier Corberó - Moon River - sculpture
•    Lasvit - Dancing Leaves Installation
•    Ben Jakober / Yannick Vu - The World Belongs to Me - sculpture

About Xavier Corberó:
Catalonian artist Xavier Corberó is recognised internationally as one of Spain's foremost living sculptors. Corberó forged a new urban architecture - his sprawling, integrated compound is its own living sculpture and provided studio, workshop, and gallery space for such artists as Man Ray and Salvador Dalí. His Catalan home also famously features in the Woody Allen film Vicky Christina Barcelona.

About Ben Jakober / Yannick Vu:

Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu are British artists based in Spain with a strong emphasis on portrait and sculpture. The two artists founded the Fundación Yannick and Ben Jakober in 1993, located on the north coast of the island of Mallorca.
The foundation’s principal objective is the conservation, exhibition and promotion of the arts and the exchange of cultural and artistic ideas.

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