Holiday Inn Express Launch 'Lowest Price Promise Campaign'

05 Jun

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We were joined in the studio by money saving expert, Sarah Willingham, to discuss the launch of Holiday Inn Express' 'Lowest Price Promise Campaign' in addition to British shopping habits and how consumers can find the best prices available.


₋           Shoppers spending the equivalent of 12 days a year bargain-hunting

₋           More than 54% of Brits admit to shopping around extensively

₋           Three-quarters of Brits have lost track of where they can go to find the best deals


How often have you been overwhelmed when trawling the internet, looking for the best deals and shopping steals? We know the deals are out there, but where do we find them?


Ahead of the British summer sales season, new research commissioned by Holiday Inn Express® - part of InterContinental Hotels Group® (IHG®) – has revealed that over three quarters (79%) of Brits believe that there are so many options for shopping around to find the best deal that they don’t always know who to trust, with 65% pinning this distrust on the overwhelming volume of price comparison sites.


The study of 2,000 shoppers revealed that while 96% of the consumer population shop around, and just under two thirds (65%) claim to enjoy deal-hunting, three quarters find the process of scouring a number of places to find the lowest price frustrating. Meanwhile, nearly a further three quarters (73%) have lost track of where they can go to get the best deal.


A revealing 69% of Brits confess they think there are too many price comparison sites available online and the same number finds the sheer amount of sites on offer confusing. In addition, only two in ten shoppers are aware that there are often hidden costs involved when booking through some sites so the price they quote is not always the lowest. A further 52% admit that there are now so many options, that when it comes to holiday planning they spend more time looking for the lowest price available than actually planning the trip itself


Shopping around before parting with cash, which more than half of Brits regularly do (54%), proves to be a time-consuming activity. The average adult spends nearly one day a month scouring price comparison websites, calling stores and brands and searching online every week, just to get what they want at the lowest possible price.


Statistics show that people living in Newcastle are the most deal-hungry, spending an average of almost three hours shopping around to find the lowest deals. Meanwhile, those living in London, Norwich, Cambridge and Leeds are among the savviest spenders. Shoppers in Plymouth, Edinburgh and Belfast are least likely to take their time hunting for the best deal and are more inclined to just buy the first thing they see.


Brits are most likely to shop around for holidays, followed by insurance, clothes and gadgets. Hotel stays, food, flights and utility bills are also among items people hunt around for before finally making a purchase or booking.


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