Chef Roble Ali, DJ Clark Kent, MeLo X and Conrad Benner sit down for “Fueling the Hustle” Roundtable Discussion

05 Nov

Channels: Music, Consumer, Entertainment

Radio & TV Personality Nessa chats with Rapper, DJ and Artist Melo X, Chef Roble Ali, DJ Clark Kent and up-and-coming photographer Conrad Benner about art, music, passion and the hustle.


Thursday 5 October: An eclectic group of influential voices across the art, music, entertainment and food space got together in Philadelphia this weekend for a passionate and informative BACARDI-hosted roundtable on what fuels their intrinsic hustle, in a celebration of the passion they all have to continually perfect and evolve their craft. 

The goal was to bring together key tastemakers to share with each other how they’ve gotten to where they are and what it means to be an artist today – as art and music worlds collide and social media blurs lines.

Key Soundbites:

-  Melo X announces new music/art and technology infused project, “CURATE”
-  Chef Roble Ali talks side hustles, how he got started in the biz, and how the traffic to his restaurants comes from his large social media following.
-  Philadelphia based photographer Conrad Benner talk how he turned Instagram into a career
-  DJ Clark Kent discusses the need to be a passionate music lover to be a good DJ, not the other way around
-  Radio personality Nessa facilitated and hosted the conversation

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