Jaguar Puts New 16MY XJ to the Test in Mumbai Dabbawalla Delivery Challenge

06 Jan

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The new Jaguar XJ goes head-to-head with the train, bus, bike and foot delivery system of Mumbai’s famous lunch delivery system run by the Dabbawallas


  • The new Jaguar XJ goes head-to-head with the train, bus, bike and foot delivery system of Mumbai’s famous lunch delivery system run by the Dabbawallas
  • InControl Touch Pro navigation system helps steer car through traffic whilst a rare train delay hampers Dabbawalla on the traditional route
  • Improved levels of interior comfort coupled with the new infotainment system gives Dabbawalla a unique new experience of Mumbai
  • New, fun short film shows the race in action 

6th January, Mumbai: Jaguar put the new InControl Touch Pro system on its latest XJ model to the test in Mumbai by taking on the traditional  acclaimed Dabbawalla delivery system in a race through the congested city streets.

Dabbawallas are used by many Mumbai workers to take home cooked food to their places of work in small ‘tiffins’ or ‘dabbas’. They operate on a complex relay system involving trains, buses, bikes and foot.

But one lucky Dabbawalla was given the chance to ride in luxury when the new Jaguar XJ picked him up, swapping a hard bike saddle for leather massage seats and the new InControl Touch Pro infotainment  system in place of the noise of busy streets. The driver used the new navigation system to help steer through traffic as his rival Dabbawalla took the traditional route.

Founded in 1890, the Dabbawalla system, once subject to a Harvard Business School study, is a business miracle. Low cost, highly efficient and environmentally friendly, there is no use of any IT system or even cell phones, yet mistakes are extremely rare. Logistics expert Federal Express even sent its employees over to learn from the system.

Aside from a unique weight-bearing jacket, which helps carry multiple loads using supports from lightweight but sturdy aluminium (the metal used for the body of the new XJ), new technology has done nothing to better the system. Now, approximately 5,000 Dabbawallas move more than 130,000 lunches per day, six days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Ever-present heavy traffic makes moving through the city streets a challenge, which is why the system is of such benefit. But on a course designed to give close competition even with the road congestion, the dynamic pinch and zoom mapping on the navigation system allowed the XJ to reach its destination with time to spare.

The InControl Touch Pro infotainment system features a high-performance quad-core processor and runs on state-of-the-art, ultra-fast Ethernet, a network technology which offers exceptional data transfer rates of up to 1Gbit/second. Combined, they deliver incredible graphics, fast response times and help to future-proof the system for significant upgrades in functionality over time. 

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